Do you want to be always sure about the highest application rating?

We can hold your average rating high
for a week, month, quarter, or even an year

How it works?

You give us link to your app, geos list for fixing and your target rating.
For example: for ____ app fix ratings at US, GB, ES, FR to 4.5.
After that we make calculation and send you number of 5 stars for fixing.

Next service we can provide for you - hold rating at current value.
We monitor your ratings every day and if it less 4.5 we push 5 stars ratings to fix.

At both cases you pay by volume of posted ratings.

To start with this service please contact with us.

You need to retain your rating, if you

  • care about the reputation of your brand or company
  • attract non-incentivized traffic
  • release a new application, or a of application version
  • want to reduce the installation cost (CPI)
  • want to raise conversion to settings (CR)
  • want more organic installs
  • want certain application features to be always visible for potential users in existing reviews

What Do We Do to Hold the Rating?

1. Raise the rating to the required level

If your average rating is less than 4+, you need to raise it to the right level first. How to do this and why you can read here. This simple procedure does not require large financial expenses. However, if your have a low rating and 1-star reviews, then it will be more reasonable not to raise the rating, but to retain the current one with the balanced distribution of positive ratings.

2. Forecast organic reviews

At this stage, the main task is find out how many organic reviews and in what pace come per application per day. This is not difficult to do with the professional tools, for example, AppAnnie. The result of this stage is an EXCEL-file with daily export of reviews. It helps us understand the number of reviews you need to publish daily to retain the rating.

3. Prepare the pool of authors

It is extremely important that the reviews to your applications are written by qualified authors. We carefully prepare the pool of authors. Each author goes through 3 stages of verification

  • authors write an arbitrary review to any application - we check the overall adequacy
  • authors write an arbitrary review taking into account our wishes - we check whether the recommendations are observed
  • authors write a specific review to a specific application - we test the ability to think broadly

By the way, you can write your own texts for reviews -
we will publish them!

4. Publish new reviews every day

Methodically, day by day, we publish positive reviews for the rating not to fall below a certain level.

The publication of reviews can be also supported
by installations followed by the rating only for us
not to be suspended in the rating fraud.

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