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How it works ?

You give us link to your app, geos list for fixing and your target rating.
For example: for ____ app fix ratings at US, GB, ES, FR to 4.5.
After that we make calculation and send you number of 5 stars for fixing.

Next service we can provide for you - hold rating at current value - we start monitoring and check your rating every day and if it less 4.5 we push 5 stars ratings to fix.

At both cases you pay by volume of posted ratings.

To start with this service please contact with us by chat.

Example of calculation for fix you app rating

Enter an Google Play link for start calculation, here is tool for iOS apps


App name

Ratings: 0

Move the slider to see how the rating will change, depending on the volume purchased reviews and ratings.
Number - the number of comments that need to buy in order to raise the rating.

Currently, the online calculator is available for Android applications only.
If you have an iOS application, please, use this tool.

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