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  • Guaranteed publication of reviews
  • Reports with screenshots from your TrustPilot page
  • Posted by real people, no bots
  • Warranties: your TrustPilot page will not be banned
  • Track your orders with a user-friendly Self-Service Platform
  • Different geolocations: more than 100 countries and languages
  • Available to post your texts
  • For companies: contracting, online payments or pay with invoice
  • For agencies: contracting, personal discounts

Manage Your Business Reputation with ReviewApp.Mobi

No reviews or a plenty of negative reviews raises a red flag to potential users.
It reduces the number of organic clients.

More clients

The higher the rating of your business
gives more organic clients.

Social Proof

85% of clients check company
reviews before purchase

Screenshot Report

You will receive the report by e-mail in the form of
screenshots directly from the app store!

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Is it legal?

Definitely! We are not using bots, so this is not click fraud as such. Real users write real reviews.

Without suspicion?

Reviews may be equally distributed for several days creating an effect of organic traffic increment.

How much does it cost?

The minimum cost is $4.8 per review. You can find full price list here.

May I get a discount?

Sure, we offer discounts up to 20% for big orders. Please contact us to get a discount.

Do you support PL (or other country) app reviews? Is the accounts which publishes reviews are from Poland?

Yes, sure! We have users from Poland. Also we support 100+ countries with local users with uniq IPs and devices.

Do you have any max capacity for reviews?

All general countries contain more than 15 000 users, lots countries contain more than 35-50k users. If you worry about our limits, please contact with us by online chat, we will tell you our volume in target country at this moment.

What is minimum order?

Minimum order is 10 reviews or ratings.
Or if you buy installs with keywords min order is 100 installs.

How much do you charge for 1 review?

General price is 6$ per review. But you may to get discount up to 20%, so price will be 4.8$ per review.
Our discount policy is here:
Prices for different countries the same. You can find full price list here.

If I attach my own texts how much do you charge for 1 review?

Price is the same as our users write texts - 6$ per review.
We dont have any additional discounts at this case.

Do you provide a trial or test reviews or free?

We dont provide free reviews, but you can get trial order for 10 reviews with -20% off.
To get trial order please setup your first order here:
After save order please contact with us by chat, we will apply discount.

I want to post my own texts, it is available?

Sure, when you setup your order you can attach Excel file with your texts. Here is template how to prepare the file (download).

If you are registered user, please go to here for more detail and description.

Do you provide Invoices for payments?

Yes, sure. Right after payment your will get email with Invoice.

We gave you specific names, Why didn't use those?

Unfortunately, some provided nicknames can not be used because they are already taken by other users.
At this case our users will use their names.

Is it necessary to attach texts to order?

No, you can do not attach texts, at this case our users will write texts.

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  • Warranties and contracting
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  • Precise preliminary cost calculation
  • The final cost is specified before the work start
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  • Your participation is minimal
  • Warranties and contracting
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